Random comic #2

Random Comic #2Just thought I ought to mention that this website could not have been possible without my computer buddy Brent’s help!  It’s nice having someone who understands my true hatred for anything with computers. He designed a webpage based off very few, if any real helpful design ideas.  It takes a true web designer to be able to make a webpage off of my, “I just want something that I can post pictures and shit on” design.  So thank you Brent!

First post!

so first off thanks for checking out my page.   This web page will consist of four separate comic strips that i created.

-Comfort Zone-

Comfort Zone #1
First comic strip is ‘Comfort Zone’, which was created for a HVAC magazine and have been writing for 2 years.  Granted, the general public might not get many or any of the jokes found in this strip. But it is my most famous, which is really not famous at all….just printed.

Chuck Charles-
Chuck Charles #1

Also, there is another comic strip I created, ‘Chuck Charles’. Which  started as a sequel-ish to my first comic series I wrote in high school know as Simon’s Supreme Order. This comic strip was crudely drawn and extremely hard to read.  Since starting the comic strip, Chuck Charles has gone through at least four incarnations, all of which  have failed to get anywhere before I got bored of it.  I intend to finish this comic strip without restarting it again.

-From the Vault-

From the Vault #1

Another strip I will include will be the random comic strips that were written in the corners of my notebooks in college.  I honestly couldn’t tell you what I learned in college, except that it’s a good place to draw.  This little series will be called ‘From the Vault’, since they are old, yellowed, and poorly drawn in pencil. And if that doesn’t get you excited about reading them I don’t know what will!

-Random Strip-

Random Strip #1

And of course there is the comic strip that I have yet to name, which will be newly drawn and colored comics.  They are all pretty random, so that’s what will call it for now, ‘Random’. 

My goal is to post five comics a week, and as such, can not guarantee that will happen. Here’s to hoping! Enjoy….