7 Responses to From the Vault #13

  1. I think it’s both and being the person who has to almost die in it the most, my vote counts more than Brent’s…And I also agree with Mel, impulsive choices don’t work for you. You’re more of a person who obsesses…then two weeks later make a decision.

    • The triumph is here to stay… It’s like a part of the family, where as, Josie is the amazing sibling and the pickle is the black sheep of the family. Cool and fun to hang out, but leaves you high and dry, and lacks motivation to even get moving sometimes. As brent put it, long live the pickle! However we must take brent’s comment with a grain of salt, because he also owns a very impractical vehicle also! LONG LIVE IMPRACTICAL DECISIONS!

  2. mmmmmm lucas electronics. i’ve got a 1st gen rx-7 v8 swap project, you get used to people questioning your car decisions after awhile 😛

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